Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Are partners able to visit their horses at the barn and watch morning workouts?
A. Part of the experience of being with our program is the ability to see your horse in the mornings prepare for race day. We encourage all our partners to visit their horses at the barn and view morning workouts. We believe the access we give our partners brings their ownership experience to a new level.

Q. How am I kept informed of morning workouts and of upcoming races?
A. Each partner receives an update after each workout with comments from the trainer giving his thoughts after the work. Partners are provided with weekly video updates of their horses as well as a weekly update on all of the stables horses along with a chart of upcoming races.

Q. Who selects the horses?
A. Our trainer Bill Kaplan selects all of the horses for our stable through the 2 year-old sales each spring. He grades each horse in the under tack show and he makes all the buying recommendations for our program. We encourage all our current and future partners to attend the horse sales each year with us so they can view the process that we go through in our pursuit of finding our next Musical Romance. Musical Romance is a stakes winning filly we purchased for $22,000 now with earnings of over $1.2 million.

Q. What is the average initial cost towards being a partner in our program?
A. The average initial cost in our program is $ 1,000.00 to $ 2,500.00. Included in the initial cost package is mortality insurance for the first year. Our program does not mark up the costs of any of the horses we purchase.

Q. How is each partnership structured?
A. Each horse is set up as its own Limited Liability Corporation.

Q. Will I have to sign a contract to become a partner in Pinnacle Racing Stable?
A. All partners have to sign a contract.

Q. Does a partner receive a tax report at the end of each year?
A. Yes our accountant prepares a K-1 form for each partner for each individual partnership that is sent out prior to March 15th.  

Q. How often are partners billed for training expenses?
A. Pinnacle pays the training bills first and then bills each partner based on his or her own percentage on a net 30 days basis.

Q. When will I receive my share of the winning purse?
A. Purse Monies are mailed out to each partner within 10 to 14 days after the race.

Q. How risky is owning a Thoroughbred Racehorse?
A. Very Risky. These horses are living breathing animals who are trained equine athletes. Injuries are part of the game. On the flip side the rewards are great similar to the stock market.

Q. What can I expect if I join Pinnacle Racing Stable?
A. Our program is built on allowing a person who is a race fan, the opportunity to become an owner without spending a fortune. You will be provided with access to this game that very few are given. It is my goal that we provide you and your family an experience that you will never forget.